I give this Basin an “A”! GFDF on the slopes

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Sunshine! Snow!

Montezuma Bowl

Sometimes I ask myself why I wake up at the ass-crack of dawn, brave hours of  sketchy road conditions only to load myself into layers of Goretex, turtlenecks and fleece so that I won’t freeze my butt off while free-falling down a snow and ice covered mountain with a plank of steel strapped to my feet.
And then I remember: because it’s really, really fun.
The nooner munchies hit and we head into the “A-Frame” building at the base of the mountain. We immediately score coveted seats at the cosy Sixth Alley Bar and head to Legends Cafe.
Dreading the ‘only french fries and buffalo wings’ GFDF potential, I am ecstatic to find that the Green Run Grill has a ‘gluten-free’ bun offering and the Pacific Rim offers all kinds of GFDF rice bowls.
I end up getting the Montezuma Bowl: rice with asian veggies and chicken with your choice of sauce. I got the coconut curry, which is GFDF.
The veg wasn’t extremely fresh but overall was filling, hot and pretty tasy.

Also, the Montezuma Bowl

Mark, my skiing compadre, ordered The Land Shark Sandwich: seared Yellowfin Tuna with Asian Slaw and Wasabi Aioli on a crispy GF bun. Also GFDF.

the Land Shark

This was amazingly delicious, the aioli and slaw made this rich and flavorful and the slightly toasted bun was the perfect platter for this saturated ‘wich.
Neither were insanely overpriced either! A fact that was almost more surprising than the decent fare.
Warning, the fortune cookie isn’t GF and may contain an exorbitant amount of corn.
Happy Eating!
A Basin, $-$$ 28194 U.S. 6, Keystone, CO 80435,
(970) 468-0718, http://www.arapahoebasin.com/ABasin/mountain/dining/default.aspx

Black Pepper Pho

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It’s a cold and snowy day in Boulder.

chilly but beautiful view from Old Stage Road

Hunger strikes around noon and we venture into my trusty little Subaru and brave the slip and slide of the roads, making our way towards a cold winter staple: Vietnamese Pho noodle soup.

It’s a cheery atmosphere lit by declinate Ikea lanterns and minimal additional decor, keeping the small space freer feeling instead of cluttered. It’s bustling with customers for the lunch rush but we are seated immediately.

black pepper pho

The menu was immediately informative with GF tags next to all gluten-free-freindly items and the menu was littered with them! In contrast to many traditional Pho restaurants, whom I’m always reticent to ask whether the beef stock they use is gluten-free (most i think include small amounts of soy sauce), these are guaranteed GF and there is no dairy used in the meal which traditionally consists of rare, thinly sliced beef in a boiling hot beef broth with rice noodles, chives and a plate of fresh veggies and herbs to add (usually consisting of bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, jalepenos, and lime).

We were delighted to find veggie egg rolls on the menu that were GFVG

GFDFVG egg rolls!

GFDFVG egg rolls!

They were crispy and delicious!

I got the veggie pho which is GF and Vegan (bok choy, shitake mushrooms, tofu in veg broth):

veggie bowl with bok choy, shitake mushrooms, and tofu

Rea got the traditional beef Pho:

The broth was flavorful but not the best I have ever had and not quite as tasty as the ones I have had at more traditional restaurants. The beef bowl had a sad amount of meat in it and was overall a little meager. However, the ingredients were fresh, the noodles were perfect and not too slimy and it was served piping hot.

For dessert, we were once again excited to see an old favorite that I have been deprived of for years: fried bananas! They are unfortunately served with mouthwatering sounding cinnamon gelato but alas, that would nullify the DF of this GFDF review.

The batter was a bit thick and bland and the confections were not as pillowy and decadent as the ones I have had in the past. I think had we been able to enjoy them with the ice cream they would have been significantly more tasty but alas, they were instead drizzled in a meager amount of honey, which was not sufficient in making this a new favorite.

In the end, we had a good time and left full and warmed. Not the best pho noodle soup I have ever had but definitely satisfying, fresh and GFDF!
Happy Eating!

Black Pepper Pho, $$, http://www.blackpepperpho.com/, open everyday 11am-9pm, 2770 Pearl St, Boulder CO 80302